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Links to Live Role Playing Organisations



Curious Pastimes A UK based organisation running a series of large scale fantasy LRP events throughut the year, linked by an ongoing campaign that has been running for nearly 10 years

Dragonlore LARP

 A family-friendly LARP club providing quality live roleplaying events to all age. The club runs regular events in Purfleet in Essex

A family-friendly  live roleplaying group which runs regular events in Essex. Element ran their first events in 2006

Fools and Heroes A UK based live action role play (LARP) society with branches across the country, organising a high fantasy plotline which culminates in a large fest event every year.

Heartlands LARP

Heartlands is a free and unique live roleplaying system running events in Bedfordshire
Heroes and Heroines A live action role play club based in the west midlands, organising appreoximately 8 events a year. Newcomers are always welcome, whether to the club or the hobby.
Herofest Combining all of the fun of a Festival weekend and the rich detail of an established LARP/LRP campaign world. The events cater equally for veteran LARP role players and those with little or no role-playing experience
Heroquest Heroquest LARP is one of the longest-running LARP clubs in the UK. They run a high-hit, high-fantasy system and currently run fully catered LARP events across the UK. 


One of the longest running clubs in the UK, Labyrinthe runs adventures all year round in their dedicated caves site in Chislehurst as well as overland adventures at various locations. Young players and inexperience adults new to the hobby are always welcome.
Legion of Dreams Legion of Dreams is a Live Role Play group established in 1986 and which has been running a wide range of weekend LRP events ever since. Our niche is ‘old school’ fantasy within our rich campaign world

Majestic Oak LRP

Majestic Oak grew out of Bladelands Chronicles and runs events in Staffordshire
The Neothera Saga The Neothera Saga is a Live Action Role Playing group based in Exeter, Devon, specialising in extremely immersive, small-scale events. This High-Fantasy system with Steampunk elements promises to provide our participants with an authentic, emotive and realistic game-world, a high focus on plot, living history and player led actions.
Pathfinder LARP Based in North Bucks and Northants, Pathfinder is a small but vibrant group which has been running year-round adventures for over 10 years, including an annual "overnighting" event
Seaxe and Sorcery  Seaxe and Sorcery has been running since the mid 1980s . They run events throughout the year covering tabletop, live roleplaying and fantasy and historical wargaming


A live roleplaying club running events suitable for all levels of experience and ability