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Custom Order

Want us to make you something special? Seen something that you'd love to have but don't know where to start? We have been making latex weapons for nearly 3 decades and can probably make anything you can come up with. 

We will need as much detail about your requirements as possible (sizes, colours, designs etc) so please remember to attach and image (.jpg or .png) or document (.doc, .docx or .pdf) to your order. There are links for you to do this in the item. We will send you a quote within seven working days along with a unique link to the item on the website.

What happens next?
When we send out the quote it will include an unique item number and will also be attached to your name. You will be able to find this item by searching for your name on the website and since it is attached to you, except under certain circumstances, only you will be able to order it . This item remains on the website for one month from the day it is issued. After one month, or when you place the order, the item will be removed from the site. You are under no obligation to order at any time. However, orders for custom items, once paid for, cannot be cancelled and PayPal buyer protection does not cover custom orders.

So click here to send us your idea.